New! Cinnamon Cookies and Citrus Crumble Cakes

Inés Rosales will be introducing into the US Market their tradicional ‘Tortitas Nevadas’ (Cinnamon Cookies) and ‘Cortadillos de Cidra’ (Citrus Crumble Cakes) during the ‘Summer Fancy Food Show 2015’

From June 28-30 Inés Rosales will be taking part in the 61st Summer Fancy Food Show at the Javits Center in New York on their specially-designed booth, #3072. This is the main commercial event for gourmet and delicatessen products and is a key showcase for introducing the latest innovations and specialties to the world of ‘specialty’ food.

For three days, the Summer Fancy Food Show will gather more than 25,000 buyers, 2,500 exhibitors and 180,000 products from all five continents.

Inés Rosales will introduce new and improved recipes oftheir traditional range for two of their products: the ‘Tortita Nevada’ (Cinnamon Cookie) and the ‘Cortadillo de Cidra’ (Citrus Crumble Cake). Both are perfect for breakfast, with tea or coffee, as a dessert or a children’s snack.

According to the Mission Statement of the company, Inés Rosales is committed to ‘manufacturing products that improve the quality of life of our society, using natural and sustainable ingredients’.

This is why they have improved the recipes of other classic products of the Andalusian gastronomy, therefore  launching these products formulated with high-oleic sunflower oil, which substitutes lard for vegetable fat “Oleic acid has a beneficial effect on blood vessels and the heart, as it increases the levels of HDL-C – known as ‘the good cholesterol’ – in the blood, and thereby contributes to reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. At the same time, oils rich in oleic acid are more stable and have better preservation qualities than other oils".

They come in the perfect size to carry in your lunchbox or hamper, ‘Tortitas Nevadas’ and ‘Cortadillos de Cidra’: packets of six for retail and also in single packages suitable in cafes and delis.

Ten years in the US market

After more than ten years in the US market, Inés Rosales will continue to offer unique products of the Spanish tradition, representing the ‘Mediterranean diet, which is their gastronomic heritage .

Since Inés Rosales began marketing its ‘Authentic and Renowned Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tortas’ in the United States in 2004. They realized of the need to extend the diversity of the product range . Today Inés Rosales is marketing five different flavors: three of them sweet, suitable for tea or coffee, for breakfast or dessert; and two of them savory, ideal with cheese or cold cuts or to serve as an appetizer.

Among those of the sweet range, the US customer can purchase the ‘Olive Oil Tortas’ with anise seeds, orange or cinnamon; while the savory range includes the ‘Rosemary and Thyme’ and ‘Sesame and Sea Salt’ varieties, both with intense yet delicate flavors, making them perfect for all sorts of creative gastronomic combinations.