The Ines Rosales Olive Oil Tortas are now Kosher certified


Ines Rosales, the Spanish company with offices in Washingon, D.C. responsible for producing the Authentic and Renowned Olive Oil Tortas from Seville, will present at the Winter Fancy Food Show - San Francisco, Jan. 22nd-24th, 2017 - the recently-acquired Kosher certification for their Olive Oil Tortas.

Due to the high level of control measures and requirements demanded in order to obtain the certification, Kosher products are considered to be high-quality products. Currently, there are 2 million Jews in the USA, which has contributed to the fact that there are over 60.000 products Kosher-certified. Furthermore, the USA market has increased its demand of Kosher-certified products for it is a guarantee of health, quality and food safety. This market has currently over 12 million potential consumers interested in Kosher products, which makes a 39% of the worldwide Kosher demand.

Ines Rosales has been able to obtain this key qualification because their manufacturing process and careful selection and handling of ingredients meets the regulations and quality specifications required. Proof of which, is also the fact that they have been granted the BRC certification of international quality and food safety for two consecutive years.

The Winter Fancy Food Show, which will take place in San Francisco, CA, is the perfect showcase for the exhibition and presentation of gourmet and high-quality products. Wholesalers, retailers, restaurants and many other sector’s professionals will discover infinite possibilities and new delicatessen products, among which the Ines Rosales Olive Oil Tortas have great acceptance, as they are considered a unique and exclusive product.

Ines Rosales’ presence at the Winter Fancy Food Show - booth #4748 -, together with the Kosher certification mean new key growth opportunities for Ines Rosales in the US market.