In Classic Style Online Magazine (January 2011)

Carl Christian refers to Ines Rosales Tortas as a "must have" for your next dinner party. See what else he had to say about our tortas.

Don’t you love reuniting with long-term friends? Traveling to Naples, Florida recently, I visited dear friends Richard and Lorraine Kostyra for a home-cooked lunch. Being fun-loving New Yorkers, we rekindled our friendship and spent an amusing laughter-filled afternoon reminiscing about times past and current affairs – all in a sense of never realizing that gap of time apart – picking up just where we left off. With Lorraine’s Italian background, we dove into an absolutely wonderful traditional Italian feast. At the end of the meal, Lorraine served a savory Olive Oil Torta by Ines Rosales from Sevilla. The tortas had a mild hint of anise, a wonderful crisp texture and a slight sweetness, making it a perfect match for our espresso creations – absolutely delicious. The individually wrapped tortas made a great presentation and can be used as a base for any number of toppings. Please see the accompanying suggested uses from “Kitchen Caravan” and “A to Zinnia.” Having never heard of this product and with my newfound love of Ines Rosales Tortas, I offer this up as a must have for your next dinner party.